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    We are Associated With M/s. Knauer
    For Their Entire Range of LC Columns .


M/s. Great Scientific Supplies Pvt. Ltd.are proud to be associated with M/s. Knauer for the entire range of LC columns. M/s. Knauer have a reputation over 50 years in the field of Liquid chromatography and separation sciences, and have been the No.1 manufacturer in Europe in HPLCs & LC columns.
Over the past two decades the Eurospher stationary phase established by M/s. Knauer offer support with physical properties very similar to those of Kromasil R and Eurospher II range of columns and can be used to replace Kromasil R columns, providing excellent symmetry for Acids, Bases and Neutrals.
Among the other first’s offers by M/s. Knauer include the
  • UHPLC columns,
  • Chiral columns,
  • Prep-HPLC columns
  • Columns with 1.8um,2um,3 um, 5 um, 10 um, 15 um particle size.


Eurospher I

Eurospher I – the HPLC columns for every day
Eurospher I is a silica-based HPLC packing material for a wide range of analytical, semi-preparative and process scale separations. It is ideally suited for high resolution normal phase and reversed phase chromatography. With more than 20 years on the market, the Eurospher stationary phase has earned a reputation as a stable and reliable partner for daily separation tasks.
Eurospher I silica features an outstanding mechanical stability, a high available surface area and a narrow particle size distribution. These properties give Eurospher a long lifetime and high loading capacity.
Available in many different modifications and column sizes, Eurospher I columns adapt easily to your application and truly strike a balance between efficiency, price and performance.
Physical properties of Eurospher I stationary phase:

Eurospher II

Eurospher II – the logical choice
After more than 20 years on the market, our Eurospher stationary phase has established a reputation for being a first-class packing material for a wide field of applications. Our next generation Eurospher II, our new workhorse for an even wider range of application areas. Based on an ultra pure spherical silica gel, Eurospher II is a high performance column material for analytical, semipreparative and process-scale applications. Eurospher II features very narrow particle and pore size distributions, as well as outstanding mechanical stability. Eurospher II silica gel is perfectly suited to take on routine analyses as well as the most ambitious chromatography tasks.
Physical properties of Eurospher II silica gel:

Eurospher II offers outstanding mechanical and chemical stability. With physical properties very similar to those of Kromasil 100, Eurospher II columns can be used to replace Kromasil® columns, providing excellent peak symmetry for acids, bases, and neutrals.
Eurospher II is comparable with Kromasil® and even outperforms it in some respects:
  • nearly the same particle shape as Kromasil 100
  • Eurospher II has a lower metal impurity specification
  • higher mechanical stability compared to Kromasil 100
  • comparable selectivity in RP mode of Eurospher II C18 H and Kromasil 100 C18

Blue Orchid

Columns for ultra high performance liquid chromatography
BlueOrchid sub-2 µm columns represent a new level of performance in HPLC, offering faster separations with improved resolution.
Compared to conventional HPLC applications using 3 – 5 µm particle sizes, ultra fast separations with superior efficiency are made possible through the use of sub-2 µm particles on UHPLC systems, with significant improvements in sensitivity as well as in resolution. BlueOrchid columns packed with 1.8 µm particles feature a very narrow particle size distribution to minimize column back pressures to values in reach of conventional HPLC systems. BlueOrchid also offers outstanding peak symmetry, even for basic compounds.
Advantages :
  • faster analysis (up to 10 times)
  • improved resolution
  • enhanced sensitivity
  • low back pressure
  • excellent peak shape
Engelhardt test

Application areas
Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) columns with sub-2 µm particles can be used to full extent with HPLC systems which feature low system dead volume, fast data aquisition, sensitive detection, and the capability to operate at pressures up to 1 000 bar. Compared with other sub-2 µm columns, BlueOrchid UHPLC columns induce relatively low back pressure, and thus show excellent results also in HPLC systems designed for fast LC separations. By decreasing the particle size of the packing material, the analyst can maximize the number of theoretical plates, making shorter column lengths possible. At the same time, the optimum range of mobile phase linear velocities is greatly expanded. As a result, higher flow rates can be used without loss of separation performance. Both factors result in faster analysis times and increased sample throughput. Cost per sample is also significantly reduced due to less mobile phase consumption and waste.


Take HPLC to the next level with ultra high performance Bluespher® columns
When you’re ready to switch your analytical HPLC method to UHPLC, Bluespher columns are the solution. Bluespher columns were developed to feature very similar characteristics and selectivities to the KNAUER Eurospher I and II families to make method transfer easy. Improve speed and resolution, and lower eluent consumption by scaling down to 2 mm ID Bluespher® columns packed with 2 µm particles.
Bluespher® columns are packed with ultra pure silica stationary phase to provide excellent separation performance and are well-suited for either routine analysis or ambitious chromatography in high speed mode where resolution, sensitivity and sample throughput are critical. These columns are your first choice for high-throughput-screening, quality control, and method development.

Bluespher offers outstanding mechanical and chemical stability for reliable performance.

With a wide range of different surface modifications all the application fields of reversed phase chromatography are covered. By employing mono- and multi-functional silanes in the manufacturing process, every Bluespher type was designed to achieve a maximum in loading capacity and chemical stability.


Ultra high performance without the need for ultra high pressure
What’s holding you back from taking advantage of modern UHPLC column performance today?
To obtain ultra high performance results comparable with sub-2 µm columns, without the disadvantage of high backpressure, our new BlueShell columns are your first choice. BlueShell columns are packed with special core-shell particles, developed to provide improved speed, higher resolution, and reduced eluent consumption, all while keeping moderate HPLC backpressures.

  • applicable for any type of LC
  • highest separating power (~ 200.000 theoretical plates/meter)
  • multiple columns can be combined for even higher resolution
  • efficiency is comparable with fully porous sub-2 µm particles
  • significantly lower backpressures than sub-2 µm particles
  • high speed and ruggedness

Take advantage of core-shell particle technology
Compared to classical fully porous silica materials, BlueShell particles consist of a solid core and a porous shell. The 2.6 µm diameter particles enable high speed and high resolution separations without undesirable excessive backpressure. The reduced depth of the outer porous layer limits the diffusional path of analytes, leading to minimized mass transfer resistance and minimized peak broadening.


Your reliable partner for chiral separations
KNAUER’s Eurocel line of chiral stationary phases (CSP) was designed to tackle a wide range of chiral separation tasks. Based on a premium quality silica gel matrix coated with a derivatized cellulose poysaccharide, the Eurocel chiral column materials are characterized by an extremely high enantioselectivity and loadability.
Eluent flexibility - While other CSPs are typically used in normal phase mode only, Eurocel columns can be used in normal phase mode, reversed phase mode and polar organic mode, without any loss in selectivity. Switching between different eluent types requires only short equilibration times.
Available in a wide range of dimensions for analytical, preparative, simulated moving bed and supercritical fluid applications, Eurocel columns are the perfect choice for even the most challenging enantioseparation tasks.
Eurocel chiral columns exhibit exceptionally robust performance for large numbers of injections. Eurocel CSPs also feature a particularly narrow particle size and pore size distribution, as well as outstanding mechanical stability with a pressure limit of 300 bar.
Eluent modifiers such as mineral and organic acids, buffer salts or amines over a pH range from 2 to 8 can be used with all Eurocel columns.


Eurokat - valuable for food analysis
Eurokat high performance polymer phases were especially developed for the separation of organic acids, carbohydrates, alcohols and even complex mixtures of these compounds.

Eurokat is a sulfonated cross-linked styrenedivinylbenzene copolymer available in several ionic forms (H, Ca, Pb and Ag). This particular cation exchanger is characterized by an outstanding density of functional groups, making it the ideal choice for your ion exclusion, size exclusion and ligand exchange chromatography.
Eurokat columns require no organic solvents and thus are environmentally friendly.
Application areas
Four different ionic species are available. Eurokat H is especially designed for the analysis of organic acids and even complex mixtures of acids, sugars and alcohols as well as sugar alcohols. Eurokat Ca and Eurokat Pb are the phases of choice for analysis of smaller carbohydrates (DP < 4), Eurokat Ag is applicable for the separation of sugar oligomers. Eurokat can also be used for the determination of biochemically important molecules such as sugars, artificial sweeteners or acidic metabolic and degradation products. Other application areas include analysis of:
  • carbohydrates and acids in fruit beverages and soft drinks
  • sugar substitutes
  • food preservatives
  • dairy products
  • intermediate acids of the Krebs cycle
  • urine (uric acid, hippuric acid)
  • monitoring of fermentation processes

Eurosil BioSelect

Eurosil Bioselect — ideal for large molecules
The Eurosil Bioselect stationary phase was specifically developed for the separation of proteins and peptides. Eurosil Bioselect columns are available in 3 modifications, useful for a wide range of separation tasks involving large molecules up to 50000 Da. Strict manufacturing procedures ensure a very narrow pore size distribution. Interfering anions or heavy metal ions on the silica surface are not present in Eurosil Bioselect columns because only ultra pure silica gel and high quality chemical modifications are employed.
Eurosil Bioselect features:
Eurosil Bioselect columns for HPLC feature a wide-pore (300 Å) stationary phase and were specifically designed to separate large biomolecules, such as proteins and peptides.