Trace 1110

The TRACE 1110 GC is the latest multi-channel, high performance, flexible and robust gas chromatograph offering the largest number of injectors and detectors running simultaneously on the same GC. This capability allows users to efficiently switch between different applications on the same GC.

Every gas chromatographer looks forward to a GC with the right blend of high performance, multiple options and ease of use for their routine work in QA/QC and R&D laboratories.

The Thermo Scientific TRACE™ 1110 Gas Chromatograph concentrates all these qualities in a world class instrument, equipped with latest technology, with multiple options and advanced accessories making routine and challenging analysis finally easy and affordable. TRACE 1110 GC is fully supported by efficient application, maintenance and training support.

The TRACE™ 1110 GC provides advanced technology :
• New injectors with enhanced performance and increased sample throughput even with dirtier matrices.
• High performance detectors delivering enhanced sensitivity for trace level analysis.
• Latest generation of electronic pneumatics leading to excellent pressure and flow control for consistent retention time
• Customized solution for turnkey applications.

Trace 800

The Trace 800 plus redefines gas chromatography and sets new standards for quality analysis. Available in packed and capillary column configurations, the GC comes with an array of injection and detection options.

The 10-channel EPC allows setting of flow and pressure through the keyboard. The advanced pneumatic system comprises of flow control for injector and detector gases, 6-ramp pressure programming besides calibrated flow displays in the hydrogen and air lines.

The Trace 800 plus comes with the OQ, IQ, PQ qualifications as well as electronic signatures. The graphic 320X240 backlit LCD offers a user-friendly interface for convenient operation of the gas chromatograph. This is coupled with the frontal keyboard design with function keys. The GC can store 50 complete method files including one method dedicated for the unique leak test.

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