Natural Gas Analyser (NGA)

The Natural Gas Analyser (NGA) is configured for the complete analysis of natural gas in a single run, with column switching. To shorten the analysis time, a backflush valve can be installed in the instrument. This procedure yields rapid elution of the combined C6+ fraction.

To suit the requirement, the Natural Gas Analyser can be offered in various different configurations:

Simple Run Analysis, Analysis with initial backflush, Trace analysis of residual gases, Helium/O measurement, 2 Extended NG liquid analysis as per GPA 2286

Features & Benefits:

  • High level of automation.
  • Its dedicated software controls all events within a gas chromatography system, including calibration and reporting of calculated physical properties and individual components of natural gas streams.
  • Determines hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons from C1 through C6+ with Sulfa inert system (optional).
  • Optional Liquid sampling valve or Auto liquid sampler with DHA software for C1 to C15 detail Hydrocarbon analysis.
  • Rapid analysis of C1 to 6 +, N , O2, CO2 in a single run.
  • Extendable to C10 analysis.
  • Optional analysis of H2S in trace levels using FPD.
  • Available in various different configurations.
  • Reports highlight : Specific gravity, calorific value, vapor pressure, Wobbe number and molecular weight results etc. as per ASTM D3588 or ISO 6976.
  • Low dead volume microvalves.
  • Multidimensional system.


  • GC Trace 800.
  • Flame Ionisation Detector (FID).
  • Thermal conductivity Detector (TCD).
  • Flame Photometric Detector (FPD).
  • Automatic Gas Sampling Valve (AGSV).
  • Backflush Valve.
  • Special Columns.
  • Calibration Standards.
  • Chromatography Management Software.

     ●   NGA As per ASTM D 1945
     ●   NGA As per ISO 6974 part 1 to 5
     ●   NGA AS per GPA 2286
     ●   NGA As per GPA 2261
     ●   All the above analyzer automatically calculates Natural Gas properties as per ASTM D 3588 and / or ISO 1976
     ●   Calculating Heat Value,
     ●   Compressibility Factor,
     ●   Relative Density of Gaseous Fuels

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